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Sharing knowledge and practice helps us to connect and gain insights and experiences. This is really enriching because it allows us to discover something new about each other.
In the end, our practice is a collective knowledge.

Sara Escribano


She is a freelance dance artist based in Cologne (Germany). After her studies in classical dance, she obtained a BA in Choreography and Dance Performance Techniques (Valencia, ES) and a master's degree in contemporary dance at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (Copenhagen, DK).

Over the past few years, she has passionately engaged in various projects both independently and in collaboration with other artists in the performing arts field, including Josefine Patzelt, Bianca Mendoça, Anna Schneider, and Joy Kammin. Her projects have been showcased in dance festivals, including NEW NOW Festival '23 (Dortmund), PulsLab#1 '22 (Düsseldorf), Festival Strassenkunst Aktionen '21 (Wuppertal), and Muziek Biennale '20 Niederrhein/Avantgarten (Liedberg).

Presently, her focus revolves around her inaugural production, 'One Window is enough,' a compelling co-production by Theater im Depot (Dortmund). This groundbreaking project seamlessly merges dance, virtual reality, and digital art. In 2022, she was honored with the DISTANZ-Solo funding by Dachverband Tanz to further her unique methodology for artistic creation, and which the results brought her to be chosen by Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Bremen in cooperation with TanzNetzDresden and TanzXchange Münster to the Peer to Peer Academy in 2023. Additionally, she embarked on a residency supported by Theater im Depot (Dortmund) and NPN Stepping Out in the same year , delving into dance exploration with diverse technologies like 360-degree videos and virtual reality.

Her dance professional journey includes dancing for two seasons at the Stadttheater Pforzheim (Germany) under the direction of Guido Markowitz, collaborating with esteemed choreographers such as Felix Dumeril, Moritz Ostruschnjak, and Damian Gmür. As well, she previously worked in dance companies and dance-theater projects in Spain and Italy, collaborating with notable figures such as Antonio Aparisi, Ivan Pérez, Asun Noales, Mamen García, Compañía Improvisada, and Iuvenis Danza. 

Additionally, alongside her career as a dancer and choreographer, she completed a Master of Arts in Cultural Management from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (ES) in February 2022. Moreover, she serves as a board member of the association dancersconnect, where she actively advocates for dancers' rights, contributes to enhancing their diverse structures, and passionately supports their welfare and development.

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